If You Need to Claim Being Known As Something You Probably Aren't Known for It

I'm known as the Godfather of internet marketing
I'm known as the X of [insert location here]
I'm a real leader

If you need to declare yourself something then you probably aren't really known for it. I see on social media profiles all the time crap like that and all it tells me is you are trying to be known as something.

If one is really known as the "Godfather of internet marketing" then there would be no need to put that into the bio as people already know that. Those that don't either won't care or will come to learn it. It doesn't say anything about how what you do benefits them, only about your ego.

There is a Twitter account that I am convinced needs to be parody as I can't believe someone is that stupid but this person has next to their name, (Alpha Male) and frequently makes declarations about what alpha males do. Any person who refers to themselves as an alpha clearly isn't.

One should let people come to their own conclusions. Sure, one needs to brand and market themselves but if coming out too strong it is clearly a weak attempt to be elevated to that status.

People should stop worrying so much about how they rate in comparison to others and focus on being the best they can be.

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