Better to actually get a few things done instead of multiple half-assed attempts.

I have decided to streamline and combine some of my projects. I need to be realistic as to what I can do and where I want to put my efforts out. As I mentioned the other day I realized I don't want to put crap out into the world.

Along those lines I realized that I shouldn't force myself to something that doesn't feel right to me. I had some plans for a couple of newsletters to publish my more formalized writing but have integrated them into one location.

This page will continue as I have been using it but as far as my other newsletters I have put The Skeptic's Path on hold. I have made it a subsection of Rob's Random Writing and the focus will be on high-demand religions and other systems of control.

Having fewer places to keep my focus will help me to be more efficient and effective in my creative efforts.

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