Revitalizing This Site In A Sustainable Way

Over the last few months I've worked on processes to improve my productivity while managing my mental health. One thing I know is that I need to just work naturally and figure out processes based on what fits me best, not trying to implement what works for some "expert".

However, one issue is that I haven't been putting as much content out as I would like and the reason is that I've been overthinking it.

I'll be going with a more experimental path on this site. I'm going to be sharing the thoughts and learnings I've been doing. Some days it may just be a quote that resonated with me, then it could be an article, potentially some favorite highlights from a book. I'm not going to stress it, I'll post some initial thoughts on a topic and then follow up with some more in the future.

Over the last few months I've been focused on my dramatic projects, which include a full-length play and several 10-minute plays. I hope to share my playwriting work publicly in Fall 2024.

In many ways this site is going to replace the content I was putting on various social media platforms and compile it all here, in a site that I've got control of, and the creative work is also kept on my computer as primary, not someone else's servers. Just as social media posts can vary in style and length so will the posts on this site.

The other thing is it's important to me to put out things that I genuinely think will benefit people. There's too much noise and garbage we all need to filter and I've got no intention of adding to it. But I like to learn from what others have studied and like sharing my studies and insights as well.

Some other thoughts and housekeeping

I've got no plans for this to turn into any sort of paid newsletter or paywall the content here in any form. I do plan on offering products and services in the near future which may be mentioned in posts.

I've been a lifelong student of communication, and especially how we convince others to do things. I started reading a lot more philosophy, absurdism is one area that appeals to me. I study systems of control and how people are convinced to go against their self-interest and other elements of the human condition.

Marketing is where I've primarily exercised my study of influence and persuasion, with a focus on copywriting and high-level marketing strategy. I now help small businesses express their personality in a genuine way, and set themselves apart from their competition and that's another subject I'll be writing on.

To be clear, everything that is put on this site, is either thought of or curated by me personally, without any assistance of AI, algorithms, trends, or giving any control over to the computer. Obviously, I use technology to type it, post it to the web, etc... Just that the ideas are ones I've thought of or I've read and thought I'd like to share them.

I'm primarily interested in what the human mind can come up with. While I see the value of technology and use a lot of it myself, when it comes to creation I want to see what people can do, not machines. There's so much quality writing from the past hundreds of years that we'll never lack for things to read and I'm happy to share what I've learned from the ones I've read and don't need to try to claim it as my own some do.

When I post quotes, book highlights, etc... they are all ones I've personally read and decided to share. All articles are written by me and will be appropriately referenced. I just think it's important to be honest about this stuff. It makes me hesitant to read new sites where the writer didn't previously prove that they're trustworthy. I see ethical ways that AI can be used by authors in research and idea development and plan to explore those areas. It's asking AI to write something for you and passing it off as your own I've got an issue with and will never do.

I'll be having a post shortly about how why I abandoned social media but in general if you want to respond to something I've written here, email is the best method of contact.

You'll only receive email when they publish something new.

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