The Danger of Attention

Paying attention to news and current events doesn't require giving attention to idiots saying outrageous things just to get clicks. In our attention based world where anyone can get a message out to millions just because someone is an elected official or in some position doesn't mean that you need to follow what they say or even worse amplify their message.

It's remarkable how many people find the need to amplify messages by people like Musk, Trump, Boebert, Andrew Tate, and the rest of the online crazies. One can be aware of the dangers and threats posed by voices like these without actually keeping tabs and sharing what they say each time.

Shocking how few people have learned that the outrage and attention is what they want. I'm well aware of the dangers to our country and who the threats are. It doesn't require following and sharing these people's every word to do that. It gives them more power by acting like their message matters.

What's interesting is if you step away from the main social media channels you realize how little some of these people really do matter. Yes, some like Trump and Musk will make it into the news but others it really is just people sharing screenshots of their bullshit in the name of, "paying attention."

Personally, It's a major part of why I've gotten away from most major social media platforms. I left Twitter because I didn't want to see Elon Musk and his mindless herd of sycophants led by David Sacks. But it seems that people need to share what they have to say across the internet.

Attention is the drug that they crave, time for people to stop giving it to them. Let them scream to their followers and let the rest of us focus on the things that really do matter.

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