Too Much Noise

As a follow up to the post on Time to Start Writing In Public Again there's just too much noise in this world and I'm not going to add to it. I don't want to create artificial posts just for the sake of meeting some imaginary target.

With the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and tools like ChatGPT to be able to write basic articles I'm getting a lot more careful about what I read and what I trust. I get spammy emails daily about new writing software that can do amazing things. I'm interested in what the human mind can create. I want to see the thoughts and ideas of my fellow humans and not from some computer.

It's something for all all to think about. Is there value to our fellow creatures in the content we're putting out there. That's not the solution for those that want to be so-called influencers but we see how many of them are locked into platforms and don't have an asset that they can take elsewhere.

I'm doing what's right for me and that's the beauty of our world now. We don't need to appeal to the average. We can strive to be unique and offer our individual perspective.

Update September 1, 2023
Along these lines I just wanted to clarify that for now the posts may be sporadic. I definitely plan to publish something at least once or twice a week and would like to see that increase to maybe a daily post. But I'm not going to put artificial pressure on myself and not going to put random noise out in the world just so I can check a box that I posted for the day.

Somedays I may post two times. It's going to depend on what's happening with me and what thoughts there are. As someone with mental health issues like depression it can be hard at times to get things done. I'm pleased that I've developed a daily writing practice and as long as I'm writing for me that's the important thing. I like to share and hope to be doing a lot of that but just know things may not be regular at least for the rest of 2023.

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