No, You Didn't Overhear Anywhere But in Your Own Thoughts

There is this trend towards people sharing conversations, that clearly took place only in their own minds, as something they overheard out in public.

It usually goes like this, "I was in a coffee shop in a majorly [insert demographic here] and these two [insert people that wouldn't typically match the comment about to be said] and they were talking about [insert the pretend conversation].

It is just ridiculous as most of the time the conversations aren't things that people would actually say. Especially not in public where others could hear. If your case is so weak that this is the best "proof" you can come up with maybe you need to rethink your stance.

There are enough real things happening and one can share their own insights without resorting to sharing your make believe with the world. If you want to share make believe there is something called fiction where that is welcome.

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