Nobody Is Obligated to Give a Shit About Your Issue

There are a lot of social issues out there and I see people who have good intentions causing more damage to their cause with their online behavior. There are many issues in the world, we have ones that are important to us because they impact us and others because we feel it is best for society.

The most ridiculous thing I see is lists of demand for those that want to be allies. You can tell a person an issue doesn't impact them and that may be true, but that means they have no obligation when voting to keep that issue in mind.

I have political issues that impact me personally, but right now I vote for the better good of American society. I am not obligated to care about your issue. However, I have an image of America and that is one where all people are free to live as they wish so it doesn't impact others.

But if you are going to give me a list of demands to be considered in support of your cause that tells me that maybe I should put my vote towards those things that impact me.

Bottom line is nobody is obligated to give a shit about your cause. It may be the right thing to do, it may better American society, but there is no obligation.

Also, the arrogance of someone to think they speak on behalf of an entire group of people. If you don't like what someone is saying you do also have the option to ignore it. You are free to represent your cause as you wish, but I am free to not support your movement.

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