My Plans for This Page

I am thinking this page will be the central hub of my creative projects. It will be the place I will cross post the articles and such that I am sharing on some of the other sites that are more specialized.

I will be continue to move away from social media for a variety of reasons that will be covered in future posts but the bottom line is that it isn't good for my mental health. Based on many recent world events I wonder the benefit it provides.

I think that it has helped people connect which is great but it has also pushed us further apart. Each of us needs to do what is right for us. Not listen to self-proclaimed experts telling us what we need to do.

We shouldn't allow strangers to define what we do

It is really shocking how many feel obligated based on what some stranger on the internet tells us to do. I fell into the trap myself. It is clear most people are just blindly throwing darts at the board and sometimes they land in the bullseye.

I don't know if I will write here every day. I am going to see what is right for me and what works for me. Somedays I may just post a quote with no comment. While I have my private daily writing habit that is very important to me, I don't want to put crap out into the world.

We all have enough noise and I don't want to add to it. I want to share content that feels right to me and I think could benefit others. Not to meet some arbitrary standard. My various daily writing practices have taught me some things.

  • Being on an artificial deadline to post doesn't help my mental health.
  • Sometimes I like to write longer detailed posts and sometimes I like to put out quick thoughts.
  • I want to play by my own rules and do what is write for me.

I am happy for those that have decided to join me here and understand if I am not right for everyone.

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