It Has Been a While

It has been a while since I posted here but plan to post daily from now until the end of the year. I will revisit in January the route I will take.

This isn’t the only place I will be writing but the main purpose here is to write in public. These posts may be my thoughts, a quote I came across, or some other things.
The posts here will not be heavily edited and some will be thoughts on progress.

I am taking a break from social media to focus on my writing which also includes fiction and playwriting. This page will be used for some of the thoughts that in the past would’ve been tweets or TikTok videos.

My more polished writing can be found at my two Substack newsletters.
My first newsletter is Rob’s Random Writing on Reality, Humanity, and Sanity.

My second newsletter is The Skeptic’s Path which focuses on freethinking and systems of control. If you are a happy believe in a deity it probably isn't the place for you.

I have been pretty disgusted with social media for a while and there are several recent events that I have decided it is time for a break. I will be sharing content on there as part of my writing but don’t plan to engage much.

Future posts will go more into detail on some of the issues I have with social media.

My main focus here is to further expand my writing and share that interested individuals.

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